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Using a combination of embodiment and integral development, I help men overcome the nice guy-syndrome, reclaim their masculinity & create thriving intimate relationships. 

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You're done with letting your avoidance issues & self-sabotage dictate the kind of life you lead, and you're ready to actually do what it takes to become the empowered, conscious man you aspire to be.


You know something is up, but can't quite put your finger on it. It's a latent feeling of discontent, aspiring for something more. You've become overwhelmed by the self-help industry, not knowing where to start; or you're confused by the divergent narratives around masculinity. 


You're ready to face the fact your a lone-wolf: estranged from other men out of mistrust or dis-appointment. You seek a community ‎of conscious men who'll support you in your healing and hold you to high standards of integrity.

You have an event, a workspace or podcast show where you'd like me to talk on men's mental health, conscious masculinity, embodiment or integral wisdom.


In the midst of the 'crisis of masculinity', the focus of my work is helping men become more conscious and find back a sense of empowerment. This is ultimately about improving their relationship to themselves & finding purpose. Learn more about what men's work is here.

As much as it's crucial to understand and learn on the cognitive level, my experience has shown one can only make lasting change by connecting to the body in new ways. I have a deep passion for all thing embodiment, with a value on rigorous theory & deep practice.

Ken Wilber's 'Integral Theory' has profoundly impacted my personal development and professional life. It's a guiding framework allowing us to ground sincere spiritual practice in psychological development, whilst integrating all the nuance that underlies reality.


Starting out? Grab the e-book 

Download a copy 'Road to Recovery', a comprehensive guide to overcoming the nice-guy syndrome. This is a great way to get more acquainted with the issue and what it takes to transform these patterns.

Self-Paced Challenge

If you're a self-development veteran and are looking for new ways to expand your capacity and tap into your full potential, take the 30-day challenge, "Foundation of Presence". You'll engage with fundamental practices that will deepen your presence that improve all aspects of your life. 


Webinar Series

If you're currently feeling disempowered, failing with women and stuck in cycles of self-sabotage, then start your process by learning the 8 most fundamental topics on masculinity that will set you apart & make you a high-value, conscious man.

Deep Dive with 1:1 Coaching

You've reached a point where knowledge has only taken you so far. You can no longer tolerate self-sabotaging behaviours like people-pleasing and codependency, and are now looking for guidance in how to make lasting change & reclaim your masculine edge without becoming toxic or inauthentic.

Nelson, UK

"As a result of our work together, I’ve experienced significant positive changes in both my mindset and actions, leading to tangible improvements in various aspects of my life. I highly recommend Fred’s coaching to anyone seeking to unlock their full potential and make meaningful strides towards their goals."